Tiny House of Wheels (Workshop), 17-22 October, 2015, $400 (meals included)

Come to Wurruk’an and learn the process of building a low-cost tiny house on wheels using reclaimed building materials. Work along side an experienced carpenter and learn a wide range of carpentry and building skills. The workshop will be suitable for all people (over 18 yrs), irrespective of building experience.

The build will be taking place on a permaculture property in Eastern Gippsland, located about 1 hr 45 mins away from Melbourne by car or train. Accommodation will be in the form of camping (bring own gear) and all meals will be provided, utilising fresh, local, organic produce. Composting toilets and a basic private shower block utilising shower bags are provided for attendee’s.

This is going to be fun! Come and help build the future of sustainable housing.

To apply, please send an email answering the four questions below to

1. Why are you applying for this workshop?

2. What are your interests, skills, and experiences that might be relevant this workshop?

3. Do you have any first aid experience?

4. Is there anything else that you should tell us about yourself?




While the documentary is being made we have decided to limit the workshops and events we are running, at least in these early months while so much else is going on. Nevertheless, we often have less formal ‘working bees’ where volunteers drop by to lend a hand on one of our many projects. If you’d like to be on our mailing list, please let us know via our contact page.

In the near future we hope to run a broader array of workshops, etc., so watch this space and feel free to approach us with suggestions.

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